Enabling companies to leverage the power of machine learning and data science to power their business.

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Touchstone Analytics provides guidance to companies in building a data strategy that can have an almost instant impact on your business. We leverage automated machine learning solutions to dig into key areas of your company and shine a light on problems and help enable new opportunities.

Our Teams

Data Scientists

Our data scientists unveil business insights out of complex data to help business leaders make informative, data-driven decision. Our data scientists develop statistical algorithm for machine learning solutions to business challenges. Moreover, they analyze Big Data and communicate the insights by data visualization.

Data Engineers

Our data engineers transform data into a useful format for analysis. They extract data, remove impurity, and optimize to its best condition so that the data scientists and analysts can reveal the important business insights.


Our architects create the blueprints of data management system for for our clients. They design, build, maintain the database models and data pipelines which enable all solutions to scale and adapt to varied use cases. Our architects are experts in Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Software Engineering

Our software engineers bring the data-product to life. They develop customized production solutions for each business need based on the algorithms that our data scientists create.


Our data analytics team translates data into insights. They dig into the data, filter out useful information, and present the information for clients. They enable a data driven management team within your companies and provide the guidance you need to do this yourself.


Our annotation team has strong experience in working with our data scientists to understand the use cases for the data and then identify manually each component of the data that needs to be used for training. Annotation is critical in creating training data and demands a great deal of attention to detail in this manual process. Our team is meticulous in this process.

Our Tools


Python, the langauge of data science, is our core area of expertise in the data science and data engineering team. We leverage the vast library of data science tools as well as our own custom library developed over several years in the field.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is in great demand with our clients and we have 3 years of experience with the full stack of services provided. We work closely with Google to be at the cutting edge of the latest offerings. Our architects have implemented full platforms utilizing the managed services provided by GCP including but not limited to Dataflow, Dataprep, Pub/Sub, BigQuery, Cloud Funcitons, Cloud SQL and Datalab.

Amazon Web Services

Our team has over 8 years of experience with Amazon Web Services and we have built full platforms for companies providing solutions that scale out to handle web-scale challenges. AWS offers managed services that provide great flexibility and ease of maintenance but also provides more infrastructure that allows for more control and customization. We have experience with both. We have leveraged virtually every component of the AWS stack including API Gateway, SNS, Lambda, EC2, ELB, Beanstalk, DynamoDB, Redshift and more.

Domino Data Lab

Domino provides a platform that accelerates our data science teams progress by allowing for collaboration, version control of all runs and fast access to compute. Domino improves productivty and we recommend their solution to clients as they bring data science in house.


We all need to communicate and collaborate to be effective today and of course Slack is a great tool for this. When working with clients we have a slack account set up for easy access to our team at all times.

JIRA and Visual Studio Code

Agile project management is key to our success and in order to manage the process our Scrum Masters utilize JIRA. JIRA is flexible and allows for great customization through extensive integrations. In addition we utilize the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE for all development. This IDE is open source and integrates with many add-ins to work great with any language.

Touchstone Analytics Careers

Our Leadership

Chris Tambos

Chris Tambos
Manhattan Beach, California, USA

Chris began his career building algorithmic trading systems for one of the largest financial firms in the world and in the past 20 years has helped companies large and small to leverage data science. Chris is passionate about innovation and in particular big data architecture and machine learning.

Kelvin Nesadia

Kelvin Nesadia
Rajkot, India

Kelvin is a software architect and senior software engineer with a high level of attention to detail and customer satisfaction backed by 15+ years of experiences delivering higly maintainable and scalable solutions which delights customers and users.

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